School Safety


As a parent, your worst nightmare would be to receive the phone call that there has been a school shooting in the school your child attends. The violence in schools is a multi layered issue and should be handled as such. 

As your Texas State Senator in District 7, I will fight for common sense gun legislation and mental health evaluations, as well as work with the administrations of our highly acclaimed school districts to come up with solutions to this issue. I firmly believe that those on the front lines of this issue (teachers, police officers, first responders, administrators, parents, and even students) can give us some amazing ideas on how to combat the issues that face our children thus decreasing the need for them to feel so helpless and alone that they go into our schools and destroy lives. Technology is amazing and has its benefits but in order to really get to the root of this issue we have got to communicate as a community with each other to come up with several solutions to this growing problem and to protect our students and faculty at our schools. 

I will be conducting several town halls within District 7 over the next few months to address this issue and hope that you will attend one and give us some ideas to take to Austin after the election.