Houston Senate District 7 Flooding


I am not a politician, I am a leader. A leader determined to make a difference.  The difference between a leader and a politician is that a politician makes promises to win an election. A leader stands by their word attempting to make a difference and to provide information to all.  I may be the Democratic candidate for senate district 7, however I intend to speak for all.

I am the the board president for our home owner’s association, Mayde Creek Community Association.  There are 223 homes in our subdivision. All 223 homes were destroyed by the water from the Addick's Reservoir.  My heart broke and I shed many a tear for the home owners in our quaint community. Things that were once considered a treasure just days before the flood were now on the curb as trash for all to see.  This was my turning point.  I stopped crying and decided to take action.  

Flood Control should be on the top of the platform for which all candidates should be running this year but as we have seen most of the work is being done behind the scenes and as I continue to research the plans, I have found several flaws with the ideology of the current Senators, Governor, Army Corp of Engineers and the Mayor of Houston. 

To begin with, there is zero transparency in the flood control issue. It literally takes an act of congress (no pun intended) to get the answers needed to the questions we have had about this issue. Seems as if the current plan is to concrete the large Bayous downtown, clean out Cypress Creek and to build a new reservoir on the new 99 Tollway. Nothing we have seen or read addresses the issue of Addicks, Barkers, or Cypress Reservoirs. They need to be dredged and cleaned out. Currently with just one day of regular rainfall these reservoirs are filling up and we are seeing street flooding on major roads all throughout District 7. This is absolutely unacceptable. 

As your State Senator for District 7, I will fight about the ongoing houston flooding problem and make sure  that new constructions have more regulations as far as building reservoirs or drainage plans, I will make sure that all reservoirs and creeks are cleaned out and most importantly I will make sure funding is spent properly throughout the most at risk areas of flooding. Katy, Cypress, Spring, and Tomball need to be pro-active and not re-active to the flood situation that is sure to occur again in this District.