Equality for All

This country was founded on the principle that all should be treated equally regardless of the race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.  Currently our country is more divided along the lines that others have used to define us in the past and this must stop.  We need to unite behind certain principles and make our voices heard together as a nation.    

As your Texas State Senator for District 7, I  promise to unite us even if we disagree on some issues.  Every Texas resident deserves their voice to be heard and I intend to be that voice.  I will stand up for the disabled and elderly in this district to make sure that they have all the resources that are available to them in their time of need.  I will stand with those that are struggling to find work and make sure they have the ability to feed their families,  I will work with the Texas Legislature to fight for equal pay in the workforce for all Texas Residents, and finally we will come up with a common sense immigration reform that will make the process of becoming a citizen less cumbersome.   

Texas is a great state with a lot of diversity.  This is good for our us and for our families.  We have to protect those who cannot protect themselves.