Education Reform


One campaign PURPOSE is to address the current issue with the education system for the children in Senate District 7 and in the State of Texas.  We will fight for teachers, Harris County Department of Education, the public-school system and most importantly for all students and teachers in Senate District 7 and the State of Texas.


School Vouchers/Virtual Schools

I am absolutely opposed to vouchers and the virtual school programs. Public Schools are the backbone of our society and they are necessary to educate our children on academics, social skills, and conflict resolution.

As the Senator for District 7, I vow to block any and all legislation that would remove funding to our public schools for private schools or the virtual schools which are now being discussed regularly within our current Legislature. 

Current Teacher Retirement Issues

Currently,  Texas Teachers who have retired are having to come out of retirement in order to make money to  pay increases in their medical premiums. Pensions are paid for by teachers with matches coming from the State and they are unable to receive Social Security.  it is imperative that teachers receive a cost of living increase as well as affordable healthcare. We owe this to them for the years of service they have given the children of our state.

As your Texas District 7 Senator, I will fight tirelessly for teacher pensions with a cost of living increase annually.  We have a lot of wasteful spending going on with our education budget and I intend to get involved on day one to assist in a budget that includes increase pay for current teachers as well as those who have already given their lives to educate the youth of this great state. 

School Funding

We MUST start adequately funding our public schools including Special Education. Currently teachers spend their own personal money on books, supplies, and sometimes even food to feed children they know may be hungry. It is not acceptable for our students to go into classrooms that are overcrowded, underfunded and not equipped with the tools available for success. The State of Texas used to fund the school districts a little under 50%, and that has been cut to 38% in a few short years. Recapture has made districts like AISD and HISD pay so much for other districts expenses that they are looking at being insolvent within the next 3-7 years. Their reserves are fading rapidly and recapture must be abolished. 

As your State Senator in District 7, I will work with local governments to make sure that we do not see property tax increases for homeowners and for small businesses and I will fight to get rid of the tax loopholes that assist large corporations in cutting what they should be paying into our public education funds. I will vote Pro-Education and help to get rid of recapture. 

Standardized Testing

The word STANDARDIZED in itself shows how detrimental that testing is to students. No two students are the same so why do we hold them all to the same standards. This testing causes anxiety in teachers, parents and more importantly the children of Texas. Why do our legislatures think that doing homework, taking exams weekly, getting passing grades on  report cards, and taking college entrance exams is not enough? This test should be dismissed immediately.  We are spending close to $90 million dollars on this test. Let's put that money back into funding our school districts. 

As the Texas State Senator for District 7,  I will fight to get rid of standardized testing for our Teachers, Parents and more importantly for the children of TEXAS.