About David Romero

David's History

I am a native Texan born in Houston, Texas.  My journey began on August 7, 1971.  I have always said that everyone has a story.  The story they live is the legacy they leave.  I am a determined individual.  Someone that does not go along with the status quo.  I have lived in many different places in Texas.  From Winnie to Victoria, Goliad to Port Neches, sometimes difficult trying to fit in, I always found my way.  I graduated from Nederland High School in 1989 and started working at Bennigan's in Beaumont, Texas.  Through dedication and hard work, I rapidly moved up the ranks with S&A Restaurant Corporation.  At the age of 24 I became the youngest person to ever be promoted to General Manager for Bennigan's.  In 2000, I left Bennigan's and became a Franchise Owner and Managing Partner for Texas Roadhouse.  Once my time was up with Texas Roadhouse, I decided to go back to school and start a new venture in life.  I obtained my degree in Paralegal studies while working on my degree in Human Resource Management.  I have worked in the legal field since 2008.   I started off in family law, switched to personal injury, and am now doing product liability.  

I am not a politician, I am a leader.  The difference is a politician works for the party, a leader works for the people. I am determined to make a difference.  A difference, not for me, but for others.  I am the board president for our home owners association, Mayde Creek Community Association.  There are 223 homes in our subdivision. All 223 homes were destroyed by the water from the Addick's Reservoir.  My heart broke and I shed many a tear for the home owners in our quaint community. Things that were once considered a treasure just days before the flood were now on the curb as trash for all to see.  This was my turning point.  I stopped crying and decided to take action.  MY PURPOSE!!

I am a country boy at heart.  I love to Two Step, Polka and Waltz.  My momma always said that no son of hers will not  know how to C&W dance.  Therefore she had me in the living room showing me the tricks of the trade.

My great grandmother once told me "The end counts on the beginning."  My beginning is still taking place.  I pray that "my end" will bring everything full circle and complete my history...my legacy!!

David's Family

I am the youngest of six in a blended family. I have four sisters and one brother.  Elizabeth, Kathi, Merri, Dana, and John Alan. Our parents John and Cherylyn live in Victoria, Texas.  I have three children.  Maggie (18), Miller (16), and Mattie (13).  I have been with my life partner, Michael, since 2007.